Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ICC T20 WORLD CUP - 2012 (Logo Packaging)

ICC - T20 World Cup 2012 | Client: International Cricket Council | Agency: WiteKite

Director: Mike Williamson Producer: Hayley Ritz Houlton / Amelia Peacocke 2D Animator: Mike Williamson 3D Animator: Iain Greenhalgh Rotoscoping: Matt Regan / Tim Parsons

Designed by Australian creative firm Witekite, the logo incorporates and amalgamates the rounded look of the Sinhalese Script. The letter "T" forms a player which leads into the "2" while the "0" incorporates a cricket ball.

The colours of the logo, with strong reds and oranges, are seen in both nature and Sri Lankan culture and arts, with their presence in the logo giving them a cricket "spin". It has a natural sense of movement due to its fluid lines and forward angles.

Mr Lorgat said: "I am delighted to reveal this colourful logo that reflects the culture of Sri Lanka. The event now has a formal identity and we will use it to promote this exciting and entertaining event."

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